Day Habilitation



Monique is a young lady who has attended the day program since 2005. She is an extremely bright individual, but struggles with self esteem and feels like she doesn’t “fit in.”  At Monique’s meetings, we discuss ways we could improve her self esteem as well as provide some extra responsibilities so she feels helpful. She loves working with the children at her church, so we suggested she begin volunteering with the Arc children’s program.

Once a week, Monique reads to the kids, and this activity has made a big difference in her self esteem. Monique’s face lights up when she gets there, and the kids love her! She gets down on the floor and reads them books and plays with them. It makes her feel so good about herself that she can help them in this way, and she also feels like she “fits in” because the children see her for the fun, bright young woman she is instead of noticing her disability first!

Monique also has gotten involved in the local Disabilities Unlimited group which meets once a week to discuss various topics. She wanted to run for office within the group so she came up with a speech. She was nervous, but did a great job! This is another venue for her to work on her self esteem and it has really made a difference! We continue to “think outside the box” for Monique to keep her stimulated and learning as much as we can… she definitely keeps us on our toes!