Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Program is an effort to increase the placement of capable, dependable workers in competitive jobs.  Each individual in supported employment will be accompanied by a job coach, whose responsibility is to become thoroughly familiar with the job and the employer.  Job coaches then provide the intensive training and support the employee needs in all aspects of the job.

Supported Employment is dedicated to providing the best possible services, not only to the individual, but also to their respective employers.  We offer careful job matching, analysis, assessments, and training as needed.  As a result, the company/employer and the program provide the opportunity for individuals who face challenges due to disabilities to become productive, confident members of our community.

Our Ethic

We believe work is an essential part of life that should be available to all.  Supported Employment is an opportunity for individuals to continue to successfully integrate into the community, to interact with non-disabled individuals, and to contribute skills in the workplace.

Vocational Rehabilitation

All individuals deemed candidates for supported employment must first go through Vocational Rehabilitation for eligibility determination.  A meeting will be set up with the rehabilitation counselor for any needed testing.


Eligibility for adult services requires a primary diagnosis of an intellectual disability.  Additional developmental disabilities must be secondary to the diagnosis of intellectual disability.  Applicants must, as measured by an adaptive behavior instrument, have sustained functional limitations in at least two major skill areas.