Semi-Independent Living


Mick has been participating in Supported Living services including socialization, community integration and leisure activities for several years. He lives with his mother, who is in poor health. Not owning a vehicle, he and his family don’t have many opportunities to leave their home. Mick has blossomed since he began receiving services. He goes on outings with staff three or four times a week and has a blast! Every Tuesday he goes bowling with a group and wouldn’t miss it for the world. It might seem trivial to many, but for Mick, who rarely traveled from his home before, these trips are thrilling!

Mick also has had the opportunity to experience other new things such as Baron’s baseball games, football games, hockey games, and field trips to various lakes, parks, and museums all over the area. He participates in the monthly birthday parties and dances as well. Mick is a smart young man with a funny, vibrant personality. He is now able to be part of the community and experience the world like never before thanks to the SIL support he receives.